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Invest In Your Security

ClearView Fencing

The leading security fence

Durable High quality coatings,
Our range of fencing has a super Zincalu* with PVC coating on all panels

Our panels normaly come in following heights:
1800mm (H) x 3070mm (L) 3 V bends
2100mm (H) x 3070mm (L) 4 V bends
2400mm (H) x 3070mm (L) 4 V bends

Extended posts and brackets are available to accommodate additional secuirty features such as electric fencing, flat wrap razor, or BTC coil toppings

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Real Work. Real Results.

Reliable Protection

Apertures of 76 x 12 mm makw it difficult to climb and cut while reinforcing V bends across the panel increases its rigidity.


The fences deliver excellent visibilty through the fence and appears almost invisible from a distance, even at an angle. 

Tamper Resistant

Expertly designed osts and superior fixingmechnanisms maintains the complete installation integrity and resists against attempts to pry panels loose from the post.


Posts & Fixing Mechanisms


Full system 10 year guarantee


Zincalu PVC coated


Specifically designed to use with panels


Panels are secured with specialized fixtures

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